Chloe Marie, a singer/songwriter from Minot, ND, released 8 original pop songs during high school.  After realizing her love for country music, she released her first country singles as a college freshman: “Walk Away” in December 2020 and -- one written especially for North Dakota -- “Boy in the Bakken” which was released in April 2021.

Over the past several months, she has been working with music professionals in Nashville, developing her country sound and writing songs.  Her hope is to produce and release at least one of these new songs within the next year.  Until then, she has been introducing the songs to audiences at her many gigs, as well as during North Dakota media interviews, giving listeners a taste of what they may soon be hearing on the radio! 

Chloe Marie performs solo or as a duo, trio or full band with very talented area musicians who can make any cover song sound like the original, and make any original song a hit!     

If you're looking for music for your restaurant/bar, fundraising banquet, conference, Ribfest, Food Truck Festival, county or state fair, block party, music festival or other event, reach out!   

"There's always music you can count on, and I hope my music can be that for you." - Chloe Marie