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Country music singer/songwriter Chloe Marie kicked off 2024 with the announcement that she was voted Best of the Best Specialty Artist/Performer in a contest sponsored by the Minot Daily News.

Her professional music career began eight years earlier.  After releasing eight original pop songs during high school, with the first at age 15, this North Dakota singer/songwriter realized her love for country music.  As a college freshman in 2020-2021, she released her first two country originals.

That summer, Chloe Marie joined forces with a team of music professionals in Nashville to develop her rich, distinctive country sound.  She has performed in communities across six states so far, including in Nashville, TN, and topped 100 music events each year in 2022 and 2023.       


In addition to singing cover songs, Chloe Marie is introducing her original music at her many shows, as well as during media interviews, giving listeners a taste of what she hopes they'll soon hear on the radio! 

Chloe Marie performs solo, as a duo, or with a full band of talented musicians who can make any cover song sound like the original, and make any original song a hit!  

If you're looking for music for your restaurant/bar, fundraising banquet, conference, food truck festival, county or state fair, block party, music festival or other event, reach out!   

"There's always music you can count on, and I hope my music can be that for you." - Chloe Marie    

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