Chloe Marie, a singer/songwriter from Minot, ND, released 8 original pop songs during high school.  After realizing her love for country music, she released her first country songs as a college freshman: “Walk Away” in December 2020 and -- one written especially for North Dakota -- “Boy in the Bakken” which was released in April 2021.

She performs solo or as a duo, trio or full band with very talented young performers who can make any cover song sound like the original, and make any original song a hit!     

If you're looking for music for your restaurant/bar, fundraising banquet, conference, Ribfest, Food Truck Festival, county or state fair, block party, music festival or other event, reach out!   

"There's always music you can count on, and I hope my music can be that for you." - Chloe Marie