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After releasing eight pop originals in high school, "Walk Away", my first single as a university student, marked my move toward country music. Then, four months later on April 16, 2021, I released my second country single, "Boy in the Bakken", written especially for the people who moved to the Bakken area in North Dakota and now call it "home".

With the help of a great producer and musicians, I released three singles while I was 15 years old: Adore, Now It's Maybe and Don't Have to Be. At 16, my 5-song EP, New Start, made its debut.  (See the songs below!)  During 2018-2020 I focused on gaining experience performing and discovered my love for country music.

I now have a band of four fantastic young musicians who perform with me:  Amanda Moen, Leland Moen, Ethan Wiley and Caleb Anderson. We're booking performances for the next few months and would love to bring music to your event.  Whether you want a duo, trio, or the full band to perform, we'll give you our best in today's country and pop music, with songs chosen to fit your event perfectly.  Contact us, or come out to listen at one of our events.  We can't wait to share our music with you!

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